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    DEMONSTAR 2 GAME SUPPORT Please note, for all support issues relating to the Demonstar 2 game, please visit the Mountain King Studios’ web site: QUICK START GUIDE Congratulations on purchasing the Cyborg evo Force. Please follow the simple steps below to connect your new stick to your PC. 1. The AC adapter Plug the plug at the end of the power cable into the power socket of your joystick then the power transformer into a mains power socket. It is important that you power up your Cyborg evo Force before connecting to your PC, otherwise your computer will not automatically recognise the stick. 2. The USB cable Plug the evo Force’s USB plug into one of your PC’s free USB sockets. 3. Installation of drivers, programming software, online manual and free games Insert the CD supplied with your Cyborg evo Force into the CD drawer of your PC and close the drawer. Once the PC has recognised the CD, follow the on-screen instructions to install driver software, access the manuals and install free games. Disc Contents Your installation disc contains the following: • Drivers for the Cyborg evo Force stick • Installation manual for the Cyborg evo Force stick • Saitek Smart Technology (SST) programming software • SST programming manual • Interactive Bouncing Ball force feedback demonstration • Full, free version of Demonstar 2 force feedback-enabled game Cyborg Evo Force Manual EFGIS.qxd 15/07/2004 12:38 Page 2 GETTING STARTED In order for this product to function correctly please install the drivers on the CD supplied with this product. The force effects of this joystick will not work unless the correct drivers have been installed. INSTALLATION FOR USERS OF WINDOWS® XP A) Drivers Only For Typical Users 1 With your computer switched on, close down any programs that are currently running and insert the Saitek Smart Technology CD into your CD-ROM drive. 2 When the Introduction Screen appears, click Install Software to continue. If the CD does not run automatically, select Start from the Windows® Taskbar, then Run and type D:\Setup.exe and click OK - where D:\ is the letter of your CD-ROM drive. 3 When the Welcome screen appears, click Next to continue. 4 After reading the Disclaimer, select the I accept the terms of the Disclaimer option and click Next to continue. 5 At the Driver Setup screen, if you haven’t already done so, plug in your controller and click on Next. 6 At the Driver Setup screen, click Next to test your controller. 7 When the Saitek Controller screen appears, try out all your controller’s buttons, controls and forces to show that it is working properly. When you ha .....
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