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  • PC Controller Saitek P3000

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    1 2 Triggers 2 Shift Button 3 6 Fire Buttons 4 8-way D-Pad 5 Analog/Digital Buttons 6 2 Analog Joysticks 7 Docking Station 8 2 Power Packs Digital Mode Indicator Analog Mode Indicator Low Battery Warning Battery Charge Level A B C D A B C D 5 1 2 Gâchettes 2 Triggers 2 Trigger 2 Gatillos 2 Touche Shift Shift-Funktion Tasto-Shift Tecla de Mayús 3 6 Boutons de Tir 6 Tasten 6 Pulsanti 6 Botones 4 Pavé Directionnel 8-Wege D-Pad Pulsantiera D-Pad Teclado en D 8 vias 6 2 Sticks Analogique 2 Analoge Joysticks 2 Joystick Analogici 2 Palancas de MandoAnalógicas 7 Station D’accueil Docking-Ladestation Docking Station Estatción de atraque 8 2 Packs de Batteries 2 Power Pack 2 Pacchi Batterie 2 Unidades de Alimentación A Indicateur de Mode Digital Digital ModusAnzeige Indicatore di modalità digitale Indicador de modo digital B Indicateur de ModeAnalogique Analog ModusAnzeige Indicatore di modalità analogica Indicador de modo analógico C Attention Batterie faible Warnung niedriger Batterienstatus Avvertimento di batteria scarica Indicador de batería baja. D Niveau de charge de la batterie BatterienstatusAnzeige Livello di carica della batteria Nivel de carga de la batería P3000 Micro RoW Manual.qxd 30/01/2004 08:50 Page 2 GETTING STARTED In order for this product to function correctly please install the drivers on the CD supplied with this product. The First Time You Use Your P3000 Wireless Pad In order for the P3000 Pad to work you need to fully charge the batteries before you play. To obtain a full charge, place one of the battery cells into the front of the docking station (after you have completed the installation and with the USB cable connected and your PC switched on) and wait for approximately one hour, or until the red Charge light switches off, indicating that the battery is now fully charged. To recharge the battery after gameplay, simply repeat the procedure. The battery will usually deliver a minimum of 8 hours gameplay after a full charge. The green Ready light on the docking station indicates that the Docking Station is ready to communicate with the pad. Note: Remember you can play continuously without having to wait to recharge the batteries. Just charge one of the battery cells in the docking station while you play with the other. INSTALLATION FOR USERS OF WINDOWS® XP A) Drivers Only For Typical Users The software on the CD supplied with this product has been thoroughly tested and complies with all Microsoft standards. However, we recommend that prior to installing any 3rd party software you create a restore point to return to should you encounter any difficulties. Windows®XP users c .....
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