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    Microphonel Manual Using Your Microphone All models except the SE1A come complete with a precision-built flexible shock mounting to minimise the effect of floor-borne vibrations reaching the microphone through the stand. When recording vocals at close range, you should use an external mesh pop screen to prevent low frequency thumps caused by air expelled from the mouth on certain syllables. Your pop screen should be placed midway between the singer’s mouth and the microphone for close-miked vocals but should not be necessary when using the microphone to record voices more than 1 metre from the microphone or when recording musical instruments. A typical close-miked vocal distance is 200mm where the microphone should be set up away from hard walls and surfaces. Pad Switch Where a pad switch is fitted, this should only be used when the microphone is being used to record exceptionally loud sound sources that risk overloading the microphone preamplifier to which the microphone is connected, even when set to its minimum gain setting. Low Cut Where fitted, the Low Cut switch activates a high-pass filter that reduces the amount of low frequencies in the output signal from the microphone. Low Cut may be used to reduce the amount of bass boost caused by the proximity effect when working very close to the microphone or to to exclude low frequency signals, such as traffic and floor vibrations where the signal being recorded has little or no deep bass content. Operating your microphone All capacitor microphones, other than tube models, require a phantom power supply (48V nominal), normally provided by the mixing console or mic preamp to which the microphone is connected. Phantom power can only be used with balanced microphones and balanced cables and will not cause damage to dynamic microphones plugged into the same mixing console providing they are balanced and connected using balanced cables. Switch on the phantom power supply after connecting the microphone as repeated plugging and unplugging of a microphone with the phantom power switched on may eventually degrade the components in your microphone preamplifier or mixing console. Before switching on any tube microphone for the first time, ensure that the mains voltage selector is set correctly for the local mains supply. Tube microphones should also be switched on 30 minutes before use to achieve optimum performance. Accessories For information on accessories available such as the sE Dual Pro Pop - Professional Studio Pop Screen and sE Professional Microphone Stands visit Electronics .....
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