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  • Sport Clip MP4 Player Sencor SFP 6070

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    EN - 1 1. Key features ● 1.5 inch TFT screen ● Support MP3, WMA, WAV formats audio ● Support AMV format video ● Support FM Radio ● Support MicroSD card ● Lyric display synchronously ● Multi EQ modes and repeat modes ● Support JPG format picture view ● Built-in microphone for long time recording ● Support txt E-book reading ● Built-in Games ● Multi-Languages OSD menu EN - 2 2. Player Layout 1. earphone port 2. microphone 3. USB port 4. volume + 5. volume - 6. power on/off 7. last/fast backward 8. next/fast forward 9. menu 10. play/pause/power on/off 11. MicroSD slot 12. neck strap EN - 3 3. Operation instruction ● Power On/Off In the status of power off push power button to on, then long press  to turn on the player In the status of power on, long press  to turn off, then push power button to off. ● Basic Operation In main menu interface, press ◄/► to select option, press to enter. Long press to get back to main menu interface. Short press to confirm selection and short press  to play. EN - 4 3.1 Music In Main interface, short press ◄/► to select Music menu, then short press to enter music play interface. Play/Pause: short press  to play or pause the music playing. Last/next: short press ◄ or ► to get to last music or next music. Fast backword/Fast forward: long press ◄ or ► to fast backwards or forwards the music. Volume: press + or - to adjust volume up or down. A-B repeat: in playback interface, firstly must pause playing music file, then short press button to get to sub-menu, select “Replay mode”, . short press to enter and select “Replay”, now in playback interface, short press ◄ and ► to set Start point A and End point B. Short press to quit AB repeat. Lyric show: To show the lyric, the lyric file (eg. Abcde.lrc) should be in same name as music file (eg. Abcde.mp3) and both files should be in the same folder. While playing a music file, long press to show lyric, short press to quit. Music file list: in playback interface, firstly must pause playing music file, then short press button to get to sub-menu, select “Local folder” to show folder/file list. Press ◄/► to select music file, press button to confirm and press  to play. .....
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