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    PM-9901 DIRECT DRIVE TURN TABLE O P E R A T I N G I N S T R U C T I O N S TURN TABLE PRECAUTIONS 1 Thank you for purchasing this fine product – STEREO TURNTABLE. Taking time to read these operation instructions carefully. Read this manual carefully before using the unit and be sure to store the manual in a safe place for future reference. 1. Power sources This product should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply to your home, consult your product dealer or local Power Company. 2. Installation precautions Do not install the unit in any of the following locations since this may result in a deterioration in performance or malfunction: • Locations exposed to direct sunlight or near object radiating heat such as heating appliances. • Locations exposed to moisture or humidity. • Cartridge may pick up slight sound pressure or vibrations of the speakers coming along the floow or though the air resulting in feedback or howling sound. Find a location which is very stable and vibration free. • The legs have functions for adjusting the height of the unit itself. Adjust the legs to stabilize the main body horizontally.. 3. The model may not be able to perform at its best in an extremely cold envirnment. The optimum ambient temperature range is 0o C to 35o C. 1. Always clean the stylus both before and after playing a record with a soft brush, and try to make it a rule to clean the record with a soft brush and try to make it a rule to clean the records with a good quality cleaner. 2. Be careful not to make the turntable vibrate while a record is playing, since this can result in damage to the stylus and record. 3. When clanging over the headshell, clamp the tonearm to the arm rest so that the tonearm shaft is not strained in any way. 4. Place only one record at a time on the platter. If two or more records are sacked on the platter, the stylus will not make proper contact with the grooves, and this will impair the quality of reproduction. 5. Volatile materials should not be used, such as : alcohol, thinner, benzone etc. They may remove the painter or damage the lustre, please avoid. OPERATION PRECAUTIONS NAME OF PARTS 2 1). 45-rpm Adaptor 2). Slip Mat 3). Center Spindle 4). Strobe Dots 5). Power Switch / Strobe 6). Start/Stop Button 7). Beat Out : Frequency output of beat out is 675Hz while pitch is in middle position 0% 8). Taget Light 9). Remote Control : This jack can be connected with an external switch to perform the Start/Stop operation. 10). Headshell 11). Speed Select Buttons 12). LED display for speed indicati .....
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