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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. THE DESIGN CONCEPT 2.1 High quality components and design 2.2 Inputs and outputs 3. INSTALLATION 3.1 Rack mounting 3.2 Mains voltage 3.3 Audio connections 4. FRONT PANEL CONTROLS 4.1 Independent (4 x) rotary pre-amplifier gain controls 4.2 phantom power switches 5. APPLICATION 5.1 Using the SM PR4 6. SPECIFICATIONS 7. WARRANTY 1. INTRODUCTION In purchasing the new SM PR4, you have acquired a multi-channel pre-amplifier of high class that meets many of the demands of the home/pro studio. The market size for digital audio interfaces and computer based digital editing has increased in a massive way. With systems available at very low prices, more and more users are utilizing this technology. One of the main problems with many of these systems is the input stage only consisting of unbalanced line inputs or very low (or no mic pre) gain structure for the balanced input stage and the unavailability of Phantom power. The PR4 comes to the rescue with 4 channels of balanced input, with a full range of gain control from -20dB to +40dB and Phantom power for every channel. This half rack unit can now solve many of the connectivity issues which are raised in a large range of situations, whether in the Studio, home, club installation or other live sound applications. 2. THE DESIGN CONCEPT 2.1 High quality components and design The philosophy behind SM ProAudio products guarantees a no-compromise circuit design and employs the best choice of components. The operational amplifiers NJM4558D which are used in the SM PR4, are exceptional. They boast extreme linearity and very low distortion characteristics. 2.2 Inputs and outputs All inputs and controls are secured firmly to the exterior chassis housing. This ensures robust quality and confidence in performance under all conditions. 3. INSTALLATION Your SM ProAudio SM PR4 was carefully packed in the factory and the packaging was designed to protect the unit from rough handling. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the packaging and its contents for any signs of physical damage, which may have occurred in transit. + If the unit is damaged, please do not return it to us, but notify your dealer and the shipping company immediately, otherwise claims for damage or replacement may not be granted. Shipping claims must be made by the consignee. 3.1 Rack Mounting The SM ProAudio SM PR4 fits into one half standard 19" rack unit of space (1 3/4"). Be sure that there is enough air space around the unit for cooling. As to avoid overheating, please do not place the SM PR4 on high temperature devices such as power amplifiers. 3.2 M .....
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