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Sonic Alert 

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    DUAL ALARM CLOCK WITH ADJUSTABLE TONE, VOLUME, AND VIBRATOR MODEL SBD375ss OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT- Please read these instructions carefully before use and retain for future reference. Warning: To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. Before connecting to mains make sure that the requirements specified on the apparatus corresponds to the available power supply i.e. USA: AC 110V / 60Hz . Features shown on diagrams above: 1) Dual Alarm Setting 7) Slow Min/Hour Button 13) Alarm 1 (AL1) Indicator Switch 8) Snooze Button 14) Alarm 2 (AL2) Indicator 2) Dimmer Switch 9) Time Set Switch 15) Vibrator/Bed Shaker Input 3) Clock Display 10) Tone Control Wheel 16) AC Power Input 4) PM Indicator (12 hr. only) 11) Function Switch 17) Backup Battery Compartment 5) Alarm SET/OFF Switch 12) Volume Control Wheel 6) Fast Min/Hour Button GENERAL DATA Power: Consumption: USA: AC 110V / 60Hz UL listed transformer (Underwriters Laboratories) Setting the correct time- 1) Depress “TIME SET” button (9) 2) As you depress the “TIME” button (9) at the same time depressing the “FAST” (6) or the “SLOW” (7) minute/hour button to advance clock display until you have desired time. 3) Lighted dot (4) located in upper left corner of clock display indicates time is PM, no light indicates time is AM. Setting the alarm time- 1) To set alarm AL1 slide “DUAL ALARM SETTING SWITCH” (1) to AL1 position. 2) Depress “ALARM SET/OFF” (5) button at the same time depressing “FAST” (6) or the “SLOW” (7) minute/hour button until you reach desired alarm setting. NOTE: when setting the alarm time if you advance more than 24 hours the display (3) will begin to flash and alarm will sound. To stop flashing, move “FUNCTION SWITCH” (11) up then back to OFF position. When alarm sounds display (3) will also flash. 3) Make sure alarm time is correctly set for AM or PM (4). 4) Once alarm AL1 has been set, slide the “DUAL SETTING SWITCH” (1) to the AL2 position. Follow the same steps that were taken when setting alarm AL1. 5) Once both AL1 and AL2 have been set, slide the “DUAL SETTING SWITCH” to the middle position AL1+AL2 for both alarms. 6) You will see two dots on the right side of the LED display; AL1 (13) and AL2 (14) to show alarms have been enabled. Lighted dots indicate which alarm is set. Alarm- 1) To enable the alarm function, slide the “FUNCT ION SWITCH” (11) up to the position that you desire to wake to, you can choose “VIB” for bed shaker, “BUZZ” for sound, and “VIB/BUZZ” for both. NOTE: whichever function you choose to wake to, will be the same .....
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