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    4 Name Main power switch Standby indicator Programme buttons Volume buttons Input select buttons Headphones jack Input jacks (S video/video/audio) Auto Preset button Auto Convergence button Symbol U u PROGR+/– ¸ +/– l S 3, 3, 3 Overview This section briefly describes the buttons and controls on the TV set and on the Remote Commander. For more information, refer to the pages given next to each description. TV set-front Refer to page 14 14 14 14 15 20 21 8 9 R 3 3 3 MONO L/G/S/I R/D/D/D PROGR R 5 GB Name Mute on/off button TV Standby button TV power on/TV mode selector button Teletext button Input mode selector/ Teletext: Freezing the subpage Teletext: Reveal button Number buttons Double-digit entering button Direct channel entering button Volume control button Programme selectors Teletext: Page up/page down buttons Picture mode button Sound mode button On-screen display button Time display button Button to change Screen Format Teletext: Favourite pages button Symbol o TV u ; f …/ Ú/ 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9 and 0 ÷ C Á+/– PROGR +/– R/S× Í ≥ # For the Menu System Use the MENU button and the joystick as follows. 1 Press MENU button to switch menu on or off. 2 Use the joystick as follows: The operable functions of the joystick are displayed on the screen. MENU Name Menu on/off button Joystick for Menu selection Press to confirm selection (OK function) Name Video equipment selector Video equipment operation buttons Symbol MENU Remote commander No function on this set Symbol : , , , , , , Ú/ (for TV operation) Menu operation Symbol VTR1/2/3, MDP ;; - :: L J a VIDEO f CH +/– Refer to page 23 23 Video operation Video operation Menu operation TV/Teletext operation Refer to page 15 14 14 15 15 18 18 14 14 13 14 14 18 17 17 15 15 15 19 Refer to page See below. See below. GREEN: scroll up RED: decrease/back to last item or to last menu When menu is not displayed: Push to red to display the last menu screen YELLOW: increase/forward to next item Joystick: Press at its neutral position to confirm selection or store BLUE: scroll down TV/Teletext operation TV/Teletext operation RM-862 A b a/Å ´/´ ; 8 0 + _ CH ? MDP 2 TV VIDEO 3 VTR 1 ( u ) p P r PROGR ≥ ¸ MENU c ´ 8 x ˚ + ;REC …/ Ú/; ¤ .....
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