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  • Bluetooth Headset Southwing SA505

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    7. TROUBLESHOOTING 8. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Contacts Please contact SouthWing should you have any questions or suggested improvements, indicating your product’s serial number. Email: Please note: For all warranty related issues, please return the product to the shop from which you purchased your Headset. Battery Care Your Headset’s battery will have a long life provided you follow these guidelines: · Do not use any accessory to charge your Headset other than the ones approved by SouthWing for this product. · Do not charge your Headset outdoors. · Do not charge your Headset if the ambient temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius or below 10 degrees Celsius · Do not charge your Headset for extended periods of time, as excessive charging will reduce battery life. Safe Usage Guidelines · Only use the product according to the directions within this User Guide. Usage of this product contrary to these directions could cause injury. In addition, any usage of this product contrary to this User Guide will void any warranty. · Do not use the product in an environment where it may come in contact with liquid be exposed to high humidity or extreme tem- peratures. · Do not place the product in a fire as it may explode causing injury or death. · Do not use the product in areas where usage of radio transmitters is prohibited (e.g. aircraft and hospitals) or close to sensi- 6 tive devices that may be affected by a radio transmitter (e.g. pacemakers). · Do not attempt to service this product yourself. If the product requires servicing, this must be performed by an approved service person. · If the product becomes dirty, it should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents as these may damage the plastics, electronics or battery. · Usage of this product while driving, may reduce your ability to react to road condi- tions. · Be aware that using wireless Headset while driving is illegal in certain countries. Therefore, you should check the local laws before using the product while driving. · As this product contains parts which may cause injury if swalled, keep it out of reach of children. · The power supply is the main device to disconnect the power, therefore the mains supply plug needs to be close to the equip- ment and easily accessible. · Use only the power supply or accessories approved by SouthWing. Usage of a differ- ent power supply or charger or modification of either of these devices may damage the product or result in a risk of electrocution. Caution: Prolonged use of the Headset at high vol- umes may affect your hearing capacity. Warranty Sout .....
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