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    * The features marked with an asterisk will only work with Bluetooth phones which support the Hands-free profile. Today, most Bluetooth phones support this profile. 5. PUSH4TM CALL* Your Headset can be configured with a specific Push4TM call func- tion. With the Headset on, press and hold the Multi-function/Push4TM button for 1 second to call directly to the configured number or phone service. In some cases, you can use this function as your favourite number. To do so, you will first need to save your favourite number on the Headset. This can only be done when you have received a call (A) from this same number into your Headset (not made through a hid- den call). Once this received call has ended (B), press and hold both Vol+ and Mute buttons for 3 seconds, until you hear a series of tones. The number from the last received call will be stored. Now you can make a direct call to this number at any time just by pressing and holding the Multi- function/Push4TM button for 1 second. 7 2. Place the Hands-free in pairing mode by pressing and holding the multi-function button. Release the button when the status indicators begin to flash on shifts. Then complete normal pairing pro- cess by following point 1 and 2 of the auto-pairing section above. 4. USING YOUR HANDS-FREE Connect the handsfree to the phone When disconnected, the Hands- free can be reconnected to the phone by simply short pressing the Multi-function button. Disconnect the handsfree from the phone Press the mute button 3 times. Answer/End/Place a call To an ns sw we er r a a c ca al ll l, short press the Multi-function button. To e en nd d a a c ca al ll l, long press the Multi- function button. (More than 1 sec.) To p pl la ac ce e a a c ca al ll l using voice dialing, short press the Multi-function but- ton. If you are on a call using your phone handset, you can transfer the call to your Hands-free by a short press of the Multi-function button. Automatic call pick up If you wish to have all of your calls accepted automatically (without any button presses), you can ena- ble the automatic call pick up mode. To activate this mode, briefly press the Vol+ and Multi- function buttons. When you recei- ve an incoming call, your Hands- Free will automatically answer the call after 1 second. To turn off the automatic call pick up, just follow the same steps. Call transfer back to phone To transfer a call from your hands- free back to your phone, short press the Multi-function button. Call Reject To reject a call without answering when the Hands-free is ringing, long press Multi-function button. Last Number redial To redial the last number, briefly press t .....
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