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Suntec Wellness 

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    4 - Make sure the cable connected to the outlet does not impede the movement of persons - Not place the fan near heat sources or flammable materials (curtains, upholstery, etc. ...) - Not use outdoors - Household products - Not be used for purposes other than those recommended by the manufacturer (2) mounting the spoke guard. hold the Front guard so that the trade mark is Level and the two projections on the Front guard are centered over the Rear guard. Now push all the safety Clips firmly into place. Caution Never operate the fan with a cracked or damaged fan blade. How to use 1. Speed control Speed of a fan is controlled by a key or slider switch . Each is operated according to followings (1) Operation of slider switch to turn on the fan simply, slide switch To any of the speed positions (1-2-3), To turn it off .slide switch to ”O” Position. (2) Operation of key switch To turn on the fan, simply push any of The speed control push buttons (1-2-3), To turn it off . Push the “o” button. 2. Oscillation Push down the oscillation knob and the Fan will oscillate ,pull up the knob, the Fan will not oscillate 3. Tilting adjustment Always switch the fan off before Making a tilt adjustment, the air Flow can be adjusted upward or Downward by simply moving the Guard up or down 4. Hight adjustment Loosen the height adjustment knob, Then adjust the pipe to the desired Height and the tighten the adjustment knob 5. This fan include a 7.5 hour timer .To operate timer, press TIMER button(located on remote)Each button press will increase the tome by 0.5H+1H+2.5H+4H.Once set the timer LED light will glow. 6. Remote control use AAA Battery. NOTE CONCERNING PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT This product must not be disposed of via normal household waste after its service life, but must be taken to a collection station for the recycling of electrical and electronic devices. The symbol on the product, the operating instructions or the packaging indicate such disposal procedures. The materials are recycable in accordance with their respective symbols. By means of re-use, material recycling or any other form of recycling old appliances you are making an important contribution to the protection of our environment. Please ask your local council where your nearest disposal station is located. © 2011 KLIMATRONIC® CoolBreeze SUNTEC WELLNESS GMBH / HOLZSTRASSE 2 / 40 221 DÜSSELDORF / DEUTSCHLAND .....
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