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    14 Model Klimatronic Monsun 300 (with ionizer) Wattage: Ultrasonic:40W, Heat: 130W Voltage: 230V Water Tank Capacity: 7 Liters Hertz: 50Hz Airflow: 100-450ml/hr Timer setting 9 hrs maximum Relative Humidity % Sensor Function Included Safety precautions and advice 1. Make sure children are kept out of reach of the humidifier. 2. Please do not put the humidifier near other electrical appliance products or at any place under high temperature. 3. Place the appliance on a waterproof ground and keep clear of the furniture. 4. When you clean the appliance or it is not in use, unplug the appliance from the mains and drain away any residual water. 5. Never operate while the water tank is empty. 6. Never immerse the appliance in any liquid. 7. Unplug the appliance from the mains when adding water or moving it. 8. Never use hot water. 9. Clean and sterilize the water tank periodically. 10. Under appropriate environment, the relative humidity sensor will operate in optimum effect. It is not recommended to put the humidifier under air conditioning environment, as the rate of RH% will be affected. 11. This relative humidity % function is only for reference purpose but cannot be treated as actual RH% as under different environment, the rate of RH% will be different. Adding water 1. The user is recommended to operate with distilled water for the first time. (Please follow the instructions given in Cleaning section) 2. Hold the water tank upside-down. 3. Unscrew the water tank cover anti-clockwise. 4. Add cool water into water tank. 5. Screw the water tank cover carefully and check that it is properly locked without leakage. 6. Hold the water tank vertically and then place back the base. 7. Put the mist outlet/nuzzle on the hole of the water tank surface. 15 Attention: 1. Use the under-side care handle when carrying the fully filled water tank and place another hand under for assistance. 2. Do not put water into the base directly otherwise it will be damaged or cause danger. 3. Do not move the appliance when the water tank is fully filled with water. Operation method All the features of this humidifier can be controlled from the control button in the control panel or the remote control. To turn On/ Off the humidifier Gently press the ”On/ Off” button on the “control button in the control panel” or the remote control to turn on the humidifier. The moisture will be sprayed from the nozzle. The moisture-spraying signal will be shown on screen. Press the “On/ Off” button a second time to turn off the humidifier. How to set the Relative Humidity % Gently press the “Hum / Spray +” button on the control panel .....
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