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    12 Function Guide The Klimatronic AirCare 300 professional is the most competitive and high-quality air purifier that combines the high-tech plasma generator, impulse high pressure generator, high efficient filters and high concentrative negative ions into one system. Almost all the harmful contaminations could be oxidated, decomposed, and exterminated. It reduces indoors pollution, improves air quality and build up our bodies. It is widely used at bedroom, guest room, sickroom, office, laboratory and computer room and make you enjoy the natural fresh air. 13 Operation Guide 1. Manual/Auto 2. Speed (L,M,H) 3. Mute 4. Timer 5. Anion & UV 6. Power 7. On/off 1. Plug the adaptor into the matching voltage power, after switch on, it will start working. 2. Press knob “Power” to switch the unit on or off, The default speed setting will be “L” 3. Press knob “MODEL” to select AUTO or MANUAL mode, Under the Auto model, the unit will self-regulated the air outlet speed according to the air pollution. 4. Press knob “Speed” to select airflow L,M,H and the matching led light will be lighted 5. In the mode of Manual, press “MUTE” knob, fan motor will be working at lowest speed. 6. Press knob “TIMER” to select desired timer setting 2h, 4h, 8h, and the matching led light will be lighted. 7. Press knob “ANION” to switch ions generator on or off. Technical DATA 1. working environment: temperature: 0-45° C humidit y: < 80 % RH 2. Dimension: 620x410x250 mm 3. Input voltage 230 V 4. Rated power: <120W 5. Negative ions: > 1.50 x 106 ions/cm³ 6. Served area: <80m² 7. HEPA efficiency: >95% 14 Warning Instruction 1. Do not disassemble any part of the unit at random or insert metal pole into the air outlet, or else the unit will be broken. 2. When using it, please leave room for the air outlet, do not block it. 3. Do not use it when mosquito-repellent incense or aerosol are used. 4. The unit is equipped with automatic protecting switch, when the upper cover is opened, the power will be automatic switched off. The safe automatic protecting switch can not be manually short connected at any time, or else the UV light and high voltage will harm you. 5. Do not use it at high temperature, high heated place and in the environment that has flammability gas and liquid. 6. If you attempt to clean air speedily, please select “H” speed. “MUTE” is recommended when using the unit at night because of lower noise. 7. Do not allow children to play it as a toy. If long time no use, please pull out the power connector plug. 8. If the unit is destroyed, please buy the matching parts from the professionals or m .....
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