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    -4- -5- -6- Extremely light weight diaphragm, very sensitive to sound. Very small versions available for hiding applications. High performance condenser microphones are regarded as standard equipment of recording studios for extreme detail capturing. Operates with power, such as phantom or battery. Knowing your microphone Superlux provides variety selection of microphones for professionals and amatures. To know your microphone is the first step to successful result. Type of transducer Condenser About Frequency Response Suitable for working at controlled environment, or for acoustic measurements. Although people persuit flatness, but for none-professionals, it is a challenge to makes it works as expectation. Flat Based on years of practical experience of pro users. There are curves to be build for various applications, so that it is very simple to use the microphone for the purpose. Limiting bandwidth, and emphasing are typical skill. Popular curve response Incorporating switchable filters to elliminates interference, such as sub-sonic filter to cut air-conditioner and floor vibrations. And allows full flat when used in controlled environment. Variable response Maintainence Condenser microphone shall be kept in low humidity environment for best sound performance. Store the condenser microphones in airconditioned room or dehumidifier to keep away form moisture. Clean air is another important factor. Keep away from smoking environment to avoid tar residuals. Equal sensitivity to all direction, so that the microphone doesn t need to pointing toward the sound source. Low handling and wind noise. Welcome by news gathering, and music recording applications. Omni Distance to source Mounting the microphone Close miking or distant miking sound very differently. Vocal recording or live performance practice close miking mostly. Suitable proximity effect is one desired target, and lower feedback problem is another factor for live sound application. While distant miking is common practice for recording, especially stereo pair recording with large group of performers, such as orchestra or choir. Distant miking generally picks up less bass section with pressure gradient type of microphone (cardioid, figure-8, shotgun...) due to acoustic nature and lack of proximity effects. Rich bass with distant miking can be recorded with pressure type of microphone (Omni), which performs the same frequency response with close or distant pick-up. Pressure gradient microphone is very sensitive to vibration. Suitable shock mount for high performance microphone is necessary for extreme low noise recording. Sturdy stand can s .....
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