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    2 1 4 3 About the BreathAlert Replacing Batteries The LCD display will flash a Battery Icon to indicate that the batteries are low. When this occurs, replace both AAA type dry batteries together. BreathAlert comes with trial batteries installed; their service life will be short. Replacement batteries will last for about one year if the unit is used approximately once every day. Note: If you don’t intend to use the product for a long period of time, it’s advisable to remove the batteries. Handling Tips •Don’t disassemble the unit. •Clean occasionally by wiping with a soft cloth; don’t use water, soap, paint thinner, etc. •Don’t apply pressure or subject the unit to vibration. •Store in a place free from scents or odors. If you carry the product in a cosmetic bag, for example, perfume or cosmetic scents may adhere to the product. •Store in a place free from humidity, direct sunlight, and dust. •Don’t store near a heating system. Troubleshooting If nothing appears on the LCD display after pushing the power button . . . •Check to see that the batteries are correctly installed and no dust has accumulated on them. Reposition clean batteries as necessary. If the batteries are low, replace them. If the readings are different each time . . . •Move away from wind or strong environmental odors or scents. If the head icon appears, but the breath odor level does not appear on the LCD display . . . •Reset the unit by gently waving it 4–5 times. Move away from wind or strong environmental odors or scents. If your breath odor level is higher than expected . . . •Reset the unit by gently waving it 4–5 times. Make sure you wait 10 minutes after brushing your teeth before taking a reading. If your breath odor level is lower than expected . . . •Move away from wind or strong environmental odors or scents. Make sure you wait until the display shows the word “Start” before taking a reading. Hold the product about 1/2" (1 cm) away from your mouth. Product Limited Warranty* Not Valid Without Proof of Purchase Your Tanita product is warranted to the original consumer only, for one (1) year, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This product is designed for Personal use only. Tanita Corporation of America reserves the right to nullify the warranty agreement should the product be used in a commercial environment. This warranty is void if the product has been tampered with or mistreated, or if the defect is related to servicing or parts not supplied by us. Our obligation under this warranty is limited solely to the charge of repairing the product, plus the .....
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