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    Campana CNL 1001/2002 (ES) 1/7/02 10:25 Página 2 17 GB Dear customer, We congratulate you on your choice. We are sure that this modern, functional and practical article, constructed from highest quality materials, will fully meet your requirements. Please read all the sections of this INSTRUCTION MANUAL before using the extractor for the first time to be able to obtain its full performance and to avoid any breakdowns that could arise from its misuse, also allowing small problems to be overcome. Keep this manual. It will always provide useful information on the extractor and will help other people to use it. Safety Instructions * Before using the extractor for the first time, you must observe the installation and connection instructions. * Never pull the cable to unplug the extractor. Always pull the plug. * Do not switch on the extractor if the electricity cable is worn or has cuts or if there are signs of deterioration around the control panel. * If the extractor stops working or functions abnormally, unplug it from the mains and advise the technical service. * Do not leave gas burning without a pan above it under the hood. * Do not allow grease to accumulate in any part of the extractor, especially in the filter as this COULD PRODUCE A FIRE RISK * Do not flambé food under the hood. * Before installing the extractor consult local rules and regulations in force with respect to current standards on air and fumes. * Before connecting the extractor to the mains, check that both the voltage and the frequency conform to that shown on the characteristics label of the extractor located inside it. * Switching on and off must be by means of an omnipolar switch with minimum separation between contacts of 3 mm incorporated into the fixed installation. * The electrical connection must be made by means of a flexible cable. It is not allowed to connect it by means of a rigid conduit. * The expelled air must not reach a duct that is used to expel food processor fumes using energy other than electricity. * The room must be provided with appropriate ventilation if the extractor is going to be used at the same time as other food processing equipment not using electrical power. * We recommend the use of gloves and caution when cleaning the inside of the extractor. * Your extractor is designed for domestic use and only for expelling and purifying gases arising from food preparation. Its use for any other purpose must be at your own responsibility and may be dangerous. * You should contact the nearest Qualified Technical Assistance Service for any repairs always using original spare parts. Repairs and modifications carri .....
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