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    Temperature transmitter  1. Functions • Additional temperature transmitter for wireless weather stations (e.g. 35.1093) • For the wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and DCF time (433 MHz), transmission range up to 30 m (free field) • Also for temperature control of remote rooms, f. e. children’ s room, wine-cellar 2. Elements Fig. 1 D1: Transmission indication LED D2: Wall mount hole D3: Battery compartment holders D4: “CH” button 3. Getting started • Place the display unit and the transmitter on a desk with a distance of approximately 1.5 meter. Check that no other electronic devices are close. • Take the display unit into operation according to the manual of the display unit. • Open the battery compartment of the transmitter by pushing inwards the two latches at the bottom and insert 2 x AA 1.5 V batteries, observing the correct polarity. • The LED indicator of the transmitter is blinking and the transmitter is set to channel 1 by default. • After the sensor is powered up, it will first transmit the temperature and then the sensor will start radio controlled time reception. During the DCF time recep- tion period (maximum 10 minutes), no weather data will be transmitted. • After the reception of the radio controlled time the DCF signal appears permanently on the display of the weather station. • Note: DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY during the first 10 minutes learning period or before radio controlled time is displayed on the receiver. After both outdoor values and radio controlled time are displayed you can place your remote sensor outdoors at the final destina- tion. In case the clock cannot detect the DCF-signal (for example due to disturbances, transmitting distance, etc.), the time can be set manually. If the outdoor weat- her data is not displayed or if any key is pressed before the weather station receives the signal, or when chang- ing transmitter batteries you will need to follow the battery installation procedure again. Please wait mini- mum 10 seconds before reinserting the batteries! Note for Radio Controlled Time DCF: The time base for the radio controlled time is a Caesium Atomic Clock operated by the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig which has a time deviation of less than one second in one million years. The time is coded and transmitted from Mainflingen near Frankfurt via frequency signal DCF-77 (77.5 kHz) and has a trans- mitting range of approximately 1,500 km. Your radio- controlled clock receives this signal and converts it to show the precise time in summer or wintertime. The quality of the reception depends greatly on the geo- graphic l .....
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