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  • LCD TV Toshiba AV554

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    AV555D Front Cover 25/7/08 10:29 am Page 2 3 Contents SETTING UP Safety precautions – Some do’s and don’ts for you to be aware of 4 Installation and important information 5 The remote control – an at-a-glance guide 6 Connecting external equipment – a guide to connecting external equipment to the back of the television 7 Connecting an HDMI or DVI device to the HDMI input 8 Connecting a computer – connecting a computer to the HDMI terminal on the back of the television 9 Using the controls – switching on the television, standby, using the remote control, using the controls on the television, headphone socket 10 TUNING THE TELEVISION Tuning the television for the first time 11 DTV auto tuning, auto programme update, manual tuning, analogue switch off 12 DTV programme sorting, programme skip 13 ATV manual tuning, broadcast system 14 ATV programme skip, programme sort 15 CONTROLS AND FEATURES General controls – selecting programme positions 16 Time display (ATV only) 16 Stereo and bilingual transmissions – stereo/mono or dual language broadcasts 16 Sound controls – volume, sound mute, bass/treble/balance, dual (ATV only), stable sound® , bass boost 17 Widescreen viewing 18 Picture controls – picture position, backlight 20 Picture controls – picture preferences (contrast, brightness, colour, tint, sharpness), black/white level, cinema mode, colour temperature, reset 21 Picture controls – 3D colour management, base colour adjustment, active backlight control, MPEG noise reduction (MPEG NR), digital noise reduction (DNR) 22 Picture controls – automatic format (widescreen), 4:3 stretch, blue screen, side panel adjustment, picture still 23 Panel lock – disabling the buttons on the television 23 DTV programme timer 24 Sleep timer 24 DTV on-screen information 25 DTV programme guide 26 DTV Settings – setting the PIN code 27 DTV Settings – favourite programmes, locked programmes, TV/Radio mode 28 DTV Settings – subtitles, audio languages, audio output, common interface 29 Software Upgrade – version, automatic upgrade, searching for new software, reset TV 30 Input selection and AV connections – input/output sockets for connected equipment, HDMI1 audio, Lip Sync 31 TEXT SERVICES ATV text services – selecting modes, general information, Auto and LIST modes 32 ATV text services – control buttons 33 DTV interactive services – general information 33 PROBLEM SOLVING Questions and Answers – answers to some of the more common queries including manual fine tuning and colour system 34 INFORMATION Notes – for your own records 37 Specifications and Accessories – technical info .....
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