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    Installing the Lamp Inserts The light effect unit is supplied without lamp inserts. Important! Prior to installing resp. replacing the lamps disconnect the mains plug in any case! As halogen lamps become very hot during operation, at first let the lamps cool down after operation of the unit (cooling down time at least 5 minutes) before replacing them. Two halogen lamps of 230V/300w, socket GY 6,35 or Gx 6,35 are required. 1) Screw off the screws of the lamp compartment and open it: 2) When replacing the lamps, carefully draw the two old lamps out of the holders. 3) To avoid impurities of the new lamps by skin grease, they should not be touched with the fingers but with a soft cloth. Insert the new halogen lamps; place the pin sockets of the lamps into the lamp holders. 4) Tightly close the lamp compartment again with the screws. Mounting 1) Fix the unit via the mounting bracket with a support for light radiating units or a stable moun- ting screw at the desired place (traverse of a stand for light radiating units or horizontal bar). 2) For aligning the unit loosen the setscrews at the mounting bracket, adjust the desired inclination of the unit, and tighten the setscrews again. Important! To avoid a heat accumulation in the unit the mounting place must be chosen so that sufficient air circulation is secured during operation. The vents of the housing must not be covered. Operation 1)Connect the light effect unit with the mains plug to a mains socket (230V_/50Hz). With connecti- on to the power supply the unit is switched on. 2) Adjust the desired volume at the music system. 3) Adjust the desired microphone sensitivity with the rotary control. If the control is turned coun- terclockwise up to the stop, the microphone is switched off. The further the control is turned up clockwise, the higher the microphone sensitivity becomes. Adjust the control so that the volume of sound of the music is reproduced by the rotating light beams is an optimum way. NOTE: When changing the volume at the music system, the microphone sensitivity must also be matched accordingly by the rotary control. 4) For switching off the unit disconnect the mains plug. Specifications Model Power Supply Lamps Inserts Dimensions Weight (w/o mounting bracket) USB 9005 230V~/50Hz/620VA 2 halogen lamps (230V/300W 34x30x28cm (WxHxD) 3.4kgs socket GX 6,35 or GY 6,35) USB 9004 230V~/50Hz/620VA 2 halogen lamps (230V/300W 31x37.8cm (øxD) 3.2kgs socket GX 6,35 or GY 6,35) USB 9008 230V~/50Hz/620VA 2 halogen lamps (230V/300W 46.5x39x20cm(WxHxD) 7.4kgs socket GX 6,35 or GY 6,35) USB 9009 230V~/50Hz/620VA 2 halogen lamps (230V/300W 46.5x39x20cm(WxHxD) 8 .....
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