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    1 VENTUS W040. Wireless Cooking Thermometer Features: • RF433MHz Wireless temperature transmission for convenient BBQ or oven cooking • Main Unit with 3-Line LCD showing Cook Temp, Set Temp and Timer Clock • 23 hr 59 min Timer on main unit • 23 hr 59 min Timer on pager • High Temperature Stainless Steel probe with 3 ft Teflon cable • Compact wireless pager with temperature and timer functions • Temperature alert for both transmitter and receiver • Out of range alert , 100 ft transmission range • Wide temperature range –10C to 200C • Channel selection ensure interference-free operation Battery Installation and Reception: • Install 2 pcs AAA batteries to the main unit and the pager respectively • To turn on the main unit and then the pager, slide the power switch of both units to ON position • Slide the alarm switch to ON position to turn on the beeper for the main unit and pager. • If the receiver failed to receive signal from the transmitter, the “RANGE OUT” icon will appear and the beeper will sound with a single long beeping. To disable the alarm, slide the alarm switch to OFF position. RANGE OUT icon will disappear immediately when transmission resume to normal. • To change C/ F for the pager hold the “MODE” button 2 seconds. Name/ Function of Buttons 1. Main Unit: Button Press function Hold 2 seconds MODE Select Timer/ Clock Clock set + , HR Temp advance, HR advance Fast advance (press hr + min when timer stopped = clear timer) – , MIN Temp backward, MIN advance Fast adjust START/STOP timer start/ stop ON/OFF slide switch turn power on and off (Clock still run when power is turned off) 2 slide switch turn temp alarm on and off 2. Pager: Button Press functions Hold function MODE Select thermo or timer C or F HR HR advance HR fast advance (Hr + Min = clear timer) MIN MIN advance MIN fast advance START/STOP Timer start/ stop n/a ON/OFF slide switch turn power on/ off slide switch turn temp alarm on/ off Operations: 1. Setting Up Clock & Thermometer for the main unit: Press the MODE button to display time Hold the MODE button for 3 seconds until the time flash, press HR and MIN to adjust Press MODE to confirm Press HR/ MIN to select 12 or 24 hour mode Press MODE to confirm Press HR/ MIN to select C or F Press MODE to confirm and exit 2. To SET Temperature: (main unit) Press MODE button to select display to CLOCK/ THERMO Press +, - to set the target temperature Alarm will sound when cook temperature reach set temperature. Press any key to stop alarm. Alarm will be transmitted to the pager 3. To SET Timer: (main unit / pager) Press MODE button to select display t .....
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