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    1 VENTUS W224 WIRELESS COLOR WEATHER STATION WITH TOUCH DISPLAY Owner’s Manual Name and Functions of Buttons: Front Touch Keys Functions Right (>) Change display mode from left to right TIME -> INDOOR -> OUTDOOR -> AUTO Left (<) Change display mode from right to left TIME <- INDOOR <- OUTDOOR <- AUTO Mode TIME mode: Toggle between time, alarm time, calendar, year & weekday INDOOR mode: Toggle between indoor temp/humidity, heat index & dew point OUTDOOR mode: Toggle between outdoor temp/humidity, heat index & dew point AUTO mode: Disable or enable auto-scrolling display mode Top Key (two micro switch at the bottom, press the whole unit) Press Functions SNOOZE/LIGHT Trigger snooze alarm & extend backlight Back Keys Press Functions Hold 3 seconds CLOCK Set Clock, Calendar & Weather ALARM Enable/disable alarm Alarm time setting MEM Read max/min temperatures & humidity Clear memory record ZONE/ - Toggle Radio-Controlled & Zone time Zone time setting 1 step backward in setting Fast backward /+ Search for Radio-Controlled time 1 step forward in setting Fast advance C/F/Search Toggle degree C & F unit Search for remote sensor LIGHT ON/OFF Turn on/off continuous backlight when adapter is connected 2 BATTERY & ADAPTER INSTALLATION Home Receiver Unit: Main Power Source: Plug in the 6.0V adapter into the adapter socket for basic operation and continuous backlight. Backup Power: Open the battery door, install 2 pieces of AA backup batteries according to the polarity indicated. Close the battery cover. Remote Sensor: Loosen the screws on the battery door with a small screwdriver, insert 2 pieces of AAA batteries according to the polarity indicated. Replace the cover and tighten the screws. INITIAL SETTING After powering on the main unit, the weather icons will flash. Press [+] or [-] to select local weather condition as initial setting. Press [CLOCK] to confirm and exit. (Refer “WEATHER FORECAST” section for details). SETTING UP THE WIRELESS THERMO-HYGROMETER:  For the first installation, always turn on the home unit and then the remote sensor. Set Channel 1 for the first remote sensor. Set channel 2 and channel 3 for the 2 nd and 3 rd sensor.  Press and hold [SEARCH] button for 3 seconds to search for remote unit. The outdoor reading (“----“ or temperature digits) in the OUTDOOR display mode will flash indicating it is in the searching mode  Press the [Tx] button on the back of remote sensor to transmit RF signal.  When RF connection is established, the respective temperature & humidity of the selected channel will appear on the OUTDOOR display mode. WEATHER FORECAST The unit predicts weather conditio .....
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