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    1 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your choice of product! The three channel, all tube Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp was designed to be simply the most effective and organic direct recording tool available for guitar, as well as a centerpiece to the live rig of any tone connoisseur. Careful attention was paid in the design stage to provide tighter and more even bass response than you find in many vintage circuits, with an emphasis on string definition and picking dynamics. Most important was capturing the elusive feel and “vibe” of a vintage tube amp. UNPACKING Your Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp box should contain the following: 1. Guitar Preamp 2. Footswitch 3. AC power cord 4. This manual 5. Warranty card Please take a moment to fill out and mail in your warranty card. This will register your warranty, make you eligible for technical support, and allow us to notify you with updates and new product information. Don’t worry, we respect your privacy and never sell our mailing list. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Your Preamp is a professional piece of equipment. Always use common sense and observe these precautions: Always make sure the unit is properly grounded. Shut the unit off and disconnect AC power before changing fuse or tubes. Always insure adequate air circulation around Preamp. Always turn off the power of all related equipment before making connections. Do not use excessive force in handling buttons, switches, or controls. 2 FRONT PANEL 1. Power switch 2. Cabinet Simulator – In/Out 3. Cabinet Simulator – 2x12 Open/4x12 Closed 4. Green Volume – volume control for Clean channel 5. Green Treble – treble EQ control for Clean channel 6. Green Mid – midrange EQ control for Clean channel 7. Punch Switch – changes EQ curve of Clean channel to accentuate the lower-mid frequencies 8. Green Bass – bass EQ control for Clean channel 9. Green Bright Switch – enhances high frequencies in the Clean channel 10. Green Gain – gain control for Clean channel 11. Channel Select – Select between Clean and Rhythm/Lead 12. Channel Select – Select Rhythm or Lead 13. Yellow Volume – volume control for Rhythm channel 14. Red Volume – volume control for Lead channel 15. Red/Yellow Treble – treble EQ control for both Rhythm and Lead channels 16. Red/Yellow Mid – midrange EQ control for both Rhythm and Lead channels 17. Shift Switch – shifts EQ curve of both Rhythm and Lead channels to accentuate the lower-mid and lower-high frequencies 18. Red/Yellow Bass – bass EQ control for both Rhythm and Lead channels 19. Yellow Bright Switch – enhances high frequencies in the Rhythm channel 20. Yellow Gain – gain .....
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