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    Please visit our web site at: Copyright ©1998-2001 by Digital Music Corporation. This publication is protected by copyright and all rights are reserved. No part of it may be reproduced or transmitted by any means or in any form without the express prior consent in writing from Digital Music Corporation. Voodoo Lab and Pedal Power are trademarks of Digital Music Corp. VOODOO LAB PEDAL POWER User’s Manual Introduction The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power is the finest power supply available for pedal effects. The Pedal Power provides eight 9V outputs which will power any type of battery operated effects. Each output is com- pletely isolated, short-circuit protected, highly filtered and regulated. This insures reliable operation, free of hum and noise. The new Pedal Power 2 will also power Line6 modeling pedals and includes two variable voltage outputs to simulate worn batteries. Please take the time to read this entire manual before operating your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power. This will eliminate the possibility of damage to your effects from improper usage. You can also visit our web site at for the latest information on this and other products. Unpacking Your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power box should contain the following: Pedal Power 2 system unit Warranty card AC power cord DC Power cables: 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors (6) 5.5x2.5mm “red” barrel (1) 3.5mm mini plug (1) 9V battery snap (1) Please take a moment to fill out and mail your warranty card. This will register your warranty, make you eligible for technical support, and allow us to notify you with updates and new product information. Don’t worry, we respect your privacy and never sell our mailing list. System Unit Description 1. AC auxiliary. This is a courtesy AC outlet for convenient powering of AC powered effects or a MIDI foot controller. Note the 200 watt maximum rating. Do NOT plug in your amp here! 2. AC power input jack. This is a standard “IEC-type” connector. 3. Power indicator. This LED indicates the Pedal Power system unit is operating. 4. DC output jacks (8). Each output provides 9 volts of isolated, filtered and regulated DC power for your pedal effects. 5. Voltage selector DIP switches. These switches select the output voltage. Switches 1-8 correspond to DC outputs 1-8. Normal 9V operation is with the switch in the “NORMAL” position. NORMAL 6. SAG controls (not shown). Next to output jacks 7 and 8 are controls to vary the voltage from 4-9V. About Pedal Boards Before connecting the Pedal Power to your pedals, let’s talk about pedal boards. The best installation is to mount your pedals and power sup .....
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