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    2 Safety Precautions_______________ To get the best performance from your Wadia 301 CD Player, and for your own safety, please read and follow these important safety instructions: • Never place the Wadia 301 CD Player near heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces, stoves, or other appliances that produce heat. Avoid placing the Wadia 301 CD Player where it will be subject to direct sunlight or low temperatures. • This product is equipped with a three-prong IEC power cord that includes an earth ground connection. To prevent shock hazard, all three connectors must always be used. If your electrical outlets will not accept this type of plug, an adapter may be purchased. If an adapter is necessary, be sure it is an approved type and that it is used properly, supplying an earth ground. • AC extension cords are not recommended for use with this product. If an extension cord must be used, be sure it is an approved type and has sufficient current carrying capacity for this product. • Before cleaning the Wadia 301 CD Player, always disconnect the power supply cord. Use a soft cloth and, if necessary, dampen with clean water or mild cleaning agent. Never apply water, or any other cleaner, directly to the chassis. • If you smell smoke or an abnormal smell, immediately unplug the Wadia 301 CD Player from the power supply and contact your Wadia dealer. • Never attempt to service the Wadia 301 CD Player beyond what is described in this Owner’s Manual. Qualified service personnel should perform all repairs. • Unplug unit if it becomes wet. • Do not open unit when attached to AC outlet; dangerous voltages and laser radiation may be encountered. • Replace fuse only with the exact type originally included: 100 volt: 1 amp Slo-Blo (1 fuse) 120 volt: 1 amp Slo-Blo (1 fuse) 220 volt: 1/2 amp Slo-Blo (2 fuses) 240 volt: 1/2 amp Slo-Blo (2 fuses) 3 Contents ______________________ Safety Precautions 2 Introduction 4 A Brief History of Wadia 4 Wadia 301 CD Design Philosophy 5 Installation 7 Unpacking 7 The Accessory Kit 7 Installing Batteries In Remote Control 7 Installing Cone Feet 8 Choosing a Location for the Wadia 301 CD 8 Connections 9 Connecting to AC Power 9 Questions about Connecting the Wadia 301 CD 10 Bypassing the Wadia Digital Volume Control 12 Connecting Directly to an Amplifier 12 Connecting to a Preamplifier 12 Adjusting the Maximum Output Voltage 13 Infrared Input and Pass-through 14 Optional Digital Inputs 14 Digital Output 14 Choosing a Digital Cable 15 Connecting to the Digital Inputs or Output 15 Operation 16 Front Panel Display and Controls 16 Remote Control 17 Operation Commands 18 A .....
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