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Wilson Benesch 

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    2 To the owner. Please return your completed Guarantee Registration Card or use the electronic registration within two weeks of purchase. For electronic registration please refer to the Wilson Benesch web site to take advantage of Customer Guarantee Registration. You can access the registration area via the Owners Section On the Home page At We enjoy hearing from customers about the systems that Wilson Benesch is being used with and any positive or critical comments that you think that we should be aware of. This can be related to the product itself or to the service provided by the dealer or distributor. Wilson Benesch has designs and manufactures the most advanced technologies for the manufacture of its loudspeakers. A Wilson Benesch investment will not only provide years of pleasure it will also retain its value better than conventional technology loudspeakers Every Wilson Benesch loudspeaker is engineered to last a life time and is guaranteed for five years. The care and attention offered by the Wilson Benesch dealer network matches the high quality systems that we manufacture. Should you require any further advice about cables, room sighting, upgrades or any other matters relating to audio or AV systems, then the dealers are more than able to respond to and deal effectively with any of these concerns. We would like to thank you for investing in a Wilson Benesch Loudspeaker. Important Please read these instructions before unpacking these loudspeakers. Wilson Benesch Spikes are fitted. These can be extremely dangerous for the unwary! During installation two or more people will be required, as the speakers are quite heavy. Never attempt to unpack or install the speakers without assistance as this could result in damage to the speaker or personal injury. Please observe normal procedures for lifting and correct posture when handling the speakers. Soft fabric gloves are recommended to prevent damage to the high quality finish. Also, it is strongly recommended that all watches and jewellery be removed prior to unpacking. Patient and careful setting is essential to obtaining the maximum performance from this system. • Move the speaker still in its packaging to the intended listening position. For further information on positioning, see the Loudspeaker Positioning section below. • Making sure the top of the box has been fully opened and the hardware pack has been removed. • The speaker is now ready to be removed from the box. Have an assistant help you lift the speaker clear of all the packaging. Stand the speaker on the floor, taking care not to damage the foot. The protective .....
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