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    2 ZEM-560U 5.6“ TFT-LCD ACTIVE MATRIX MONITOR TECHNICAL FEATURES ■ 5.6” 4:3 aspect ratio TFT display panel of high brightness ■ Anti-glare coated high contrast screen of 114 x 85mm dimension ■ 334 x 230 pixels panel resolution with a total count of 74,520 dots ■ Setup and picture adjustment by on-screen-display menu ■ Large viewing angle, left/right: >65° - top/down: >65° ■ Multi-norm system with NTSC & PAL auto switching ■ Integrated IR-transmitter for IR-headphones ■ IR-remote control in credit card format ■ AV-interface blackbox with audio/video inputs and power input ■ Integrated mono loudspeaker system with adjustable volume ■ 3.5mm AV-input socket – 3.5mm output for headphones at the monitor’s front side ■ Mounting option 1: universal stand for dashboard mounting, including a fully swivable quick fix lock system ■ Mounting option 2: headrest bezel for flush mounting SPECIAL FEATURES 4:3 High Density Display: The ZEM-560U is a TFT active matrix video monitor, featuring a 5.6" (diagonally measured) high quality LCD screen. It deploys a 74’520 dots high-reso- lution TFT panel with 334 horizontal x 230 vertical pixels, to give you excellent picture detail. The anti-glare coating guarantees a high contrast picture quality even during daylight viewing. Large viewing angle: This A-grade LCD panel offers an improved viewing angle of more than 65° degrees to all sides, and the low reflective panel gets rid of annoying glare from windows or lights. Applications: This monitor model will work with any common video source, featuring an RCA composite video output. Compatibility: The 5.6" (4:3) color LCD monitor is compatible with PAL and NTSC video streams and the internal video signal processing electronics detect and automatically switches to NTSC or PAL. BOX CONTENTS ■ ZEM-560U TFT-Monitor ■ AV Interface blackbox with power and audio/video inputs ■ IR-remote control in credit card format ■ Multifunctional “quick-snap” ball and socket joint stand mount ■ Headrest bezel for flush mounting ■ Removal tool for headrest mounted monitor ZEM-560U Manual 12.09.2003 10:00 Uhr Seite 2 3 SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS - Operating temperature: Never expose the monitor to extreme heat or direct sunlight. Please note, that TFT monitors should not be operated in very cold environments (below 0°C). During winter time, wait until the passenger compartment of your vehicle has heated up enough, to allow for a proper function of your LCD monitor. - Exposure to liquids: Do not expose the monitor to water, or spilled fluids like organic solvents etc., that could enter the device. A .....
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